The Ultimate Dividend Portfolio for 2023

Earn Serious Income Every Single Month With These 5 Stocks

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Alex Reid here.

And if you want to cash checks every single month ranging from $789… to $1,657… to $2,730…

Then pay very close attention to what I’m about to say.

I’ve made just about every investment out there…

Explosive trends… private business shares… options… penny stocks… local real estate…

And I’ve done very well in some of them.

But the world is changing. 

The Fed keeps hiking rates… inflation does not seem to be slowing at all… and big tech stocks simply aren’t performing anymore…

So when it comes to supporting myself… and my family… there is ONE investment that I like most for 2023:

Monthly dividend stocks.


High-yield monthly dividend stocks that can put cold hard cash in your brokerage account every single month.

For my money – these are BEAUTIFUL investments.

Owning these stocks is like receiving a monthly paycheck without ever having to show up to an office.

Imagine making a simple investment through your brokerage account… and then getting a cash payout every single month. 

One that could potentially cover your grocery billyour mortgage… or even your total living expenses!

Well with my 5 Stock Ultimate Dividend Portfolio you don’t have to imagine.

Depending on the size of your brokerage account, you could cash monthly checks over $1,000… or $1,500…. or even $3,000.

And even better: 

If you use a retirement account like a 401(k) or a Roth IRA – you may not even have to pay taxes on this income!

I’ve always liked strong dividend stocks…

And in 2023… I no longer think these are just nice to have… I think these may be MANDATORY for a secure portfolio.

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But here’s the thing…

Not all dividend stocks are created equal. 

  • There are thousands of stocks that pay some amount of dividend…
  • Hundreds of stocks that pay out a high yield dividend…
  • And still dozens of stocks that pay out a monthly high-yield dividend.

So my research team and I have spent hundreds of hours combing through the data, and honing in on the absolute best 5 stocks that do all 3.

We’ve ruthlessly eliminated every stock that doesn’t fit our criteria of: 

A strong leadership team… great history of dividend payouts… and valuable underlying assets.

And the ones that are left…

Well, ignore them at your own peril. 

Because we believe these are the strongest monthly income stocks in the entire market.

  • One owns movie theaters and ski resorts and other red-hot destination real estate in some of the best parts of the country like San Jose, California and Breckenridge, Colorado. It pays out over 8% in dividends, distributed every single month.
  • The next one has the rock-solid stability of renting big spaces to the US government… and has a dividend of over 9% right now. That means a modest $100k brokerage account could see over $9,000 from this stock.
  • Another one of our top monthly income stocks is in the red-hot mining and commodities industry. It operates an extensive network of pipelines and infrastructure for natural gas all across North America. The dividend here is great, but we also love the growth prospects for this one, given how strong the commodities sector is right now.
  • Ever look at the skyscrapers in Manhattan and wonder who owns such prestigious real estate? Well, the answer is the fourth stock in our Ultimate Dividend Portfolio – and this one is a real gem, which also has a dividend of over 9%.
  • And the final one might be the best of all. This ultra-high dividend stock runs retirement homes and medical care facilities for seniors – which is a BOOMING sector as the US population continues to age.

Each one of these is paying out fat monthly checks, and owns great underlying assets…

And my team and I have broken down EVERYTHING you want to know about these 5 monthly income stocks.

We share the stock ticker, simple instructions on how to buy in, details on the leadership teams and assets

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Our goal here is to share great investment ideas with you. 

We haven’t taken a single penny from any of these stocks…

So our analysis can be completely unbiased. These are truly the 5 stocks that we believe represent the absolute best in monthly income.

You literally have nothing to lose claiming this report.

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