Stunned Elon Musk announces Tesla switch to “Forever Lithium”– here’s how to play it

A prototype Tesla is sending shockwaves through the auto industry:

It drove 752 miles… across the ENTIRE state of Michigan…

On a single battery charge!

The secret?

A new type of battery I call Forever Lithium.”

Musk was so blown away…

Within a month, he announced Tesla’s entire fleet would be switching to this battery.

He told investors:

“The vast majority of the heavy lifting for electrification will be [Forever Lithium].”

You don’t need to own an EV now, or plan to buy one, to profit from this switch.

Because a few miles south of this experiment…

An obscure Indiana firm is now positioned to mint more millionaires than the rise of Tesla.

They’ve inked a deal to ramp up production of “Forever Lithium” inside a new $3 Billion battery facility…

And investors who take a stake in this company now could be richly rewarded.

Click here to watch a live ‘demo’ of this lucrative battery switch (and how to profit)


Nomi Prins

Editor, Rogue Economics