3 Tesla Killer Stocks That Could Destroy Elon Musk’s Empire

Tesla might have been the first company to push electric vehicles forward in a big way, but the world is catching up.

And competitors are chomping at Tesla’s heels. Here are three companies that could knock Elon down a few pegs (make sure to check out Company #3).

Tesla Killer #1: Lucid Group Inc (NASDAQ: LCID)

Lucid, led by former Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson, has an impressive talent pool and advanced technology that outperforms Tesla’s on key performance indicators. Despite high prices, Lucid’s cars have found a market due to their premium brand equity and exclusive appeal. Lucid’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, which owns over 60% of the company, provides strong backing.

Tesla Killler #2: Rivian Automotive Inc (NASDQ: RIVN)

Rivian, an EV startup, designs, manufactures, and sells high-end electric SUVs and pick-up trucks. Rivian is leading in a niche with strong demand within the growing EV industry. It has strong brand equity, advanced EV battery and torque technology, and an impressive first product. Rivian has strong early demand signals, with over 114,000 net preorders in the U.S. and Canada. It also has significant support and partnerships, most notably with Amazon, which has committed to purchasing at least 100,000 electric delivery vehicles from Rivian. Lastly, Rivian has a substantial balance sheet, with about $14 billion in cash, giving it a significant advantage over its competitors.

Tesla Killler #3: The Future Fuel Company That Could Hand Investors 46,700% Gains

By far the company that stands the greatest chance of dethroning Tesla isn’t an electric car company at all. In fact, this company could make electric vehicles obsolete.

That’s because they’ve developed a brand new type of fuel that could put Tesla out of business.

Forbes, CNN, and Nature Magazine are calling it the “fuel of the future.” 

And this “Future Fuel” is set to unleash an energy revolution that Goldman Sachs estimates will be worth $11.7 trillion. 

That’s 10X bigger than the electric battery market. 

Don’t forget — Tesla has returned 41,405% to shareholders over the last 10 years. 

But the amount of wealth up for grabs from the “Future Fuel” revolution could put those returns to shame. 

That’s why billionaires like David Shaw and Jeff Yass are pouring hundreds of millions of their own money into this “Future Fuel.”

And top Tesla executives are fleeing the company en masse in order to take part in the “Future Fuel” revolution. 

They know what’s coming. 

They know that “Future Fuel” will mint an entire new class of millionaires — maybe even billionaires. 

And early investors will make an absolute fortune. 

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