3 Sizzling Retirement Income Streams

Sure, index funds are great. But if you want the chance to add a little rocket fuel to your retirement income, you may need to look outside the realm of passive investing. Our team has done the hard work, and discovered three exciting income opportunities that could be perfect for the retiree who wants to earn some extra dough.

Retirement Stream #1: The One Ticker Retirement Plan

Is it really possible to bankroll a wealthy retirement just by trading one ticker, over and over again? Larry Benedict seems to think so. His unique strategy has allowed him to collect gains of 287%, 327% and even 703% — sometimes in the same week.

Larry has put together an over-the-shoulder trading demo of him using this strategy. You can watch that right here.

Retirement Stream #2: The Amazon Secret Royalty Program

A unique type of investment could help you make more money than you will need for the rest of your life. It’s being called the “Amazon Secret Royalty Program.” It’s an income stream that allows you to collect $1,000s, $10,000s, or more every year! In fact, Business Insider says this type of investment could provide “enough money to live off of each year, without having any other retirement plan…”

“Royalties” are the most exciting investments in history. Put simply, they’re periodic payouts that could deliver all the money you need for your retirement while these “royalties” are different from traditional royalties, just one could hand you enough income to live life on your own terms. And it only takes a few minutes to set up.

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Retirement Stream #3: The Golden Income Calendar

A small group of investors have figured out a special type of dividend investment strategy that sets them up to collect checks worth $689, $1,532, or even $3,822 every single week! That’s worth a total of $6,034 in additional monthly income. Which is nearly triple the size of the average Social Security check.

And the best part is, each of these checks is delivered straight to you, without you so much as having to lift a finger. All you need is an average-sized retirement account to start. And then you could be setup to start collecting weekly dividend checks that could potentially add thousands to your income! 

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